Ted Nugent announces that he’s gay!

That’s right folks, the Motor City Madman himself has decided that it’s time to end the charade once and for all and declare to the world that…..


Yes, he’s joking of course.  But it only drives the point home even further how completely absurd and hypocritical this Jason Collins thing is.  The gay community screams in our ear at every opportunity that what they do in the privacy of their homes is their business and that everyone else needs to butt out.  But then we’re supposed to stand and applaud and get down on our knees with our hands raised to the heavens because a mediocre NBA basketball player tells the world he’s a homosexual?

So what?

I have to say though, it was nice that President Obama was able to find a few spare minutes out of his rigorous golfing schedule to call Jason Collins to congratulate him.  Funny how he wasn’t able to do the same thing for the family of Chris Kyle after he was murdered.

Something to think about.


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