Cell Phone Culture Is Obnoxious

Cell phone culture is obnoxious.  I know cell phones are a new technology, but for some reason many people (if not most people), who have cell phones and smart phones seem to think the freedom that comes with portable technology is an excuse to abandon common courtesy and common sense. The technology itself is great and I hope it continues to expand.  It’s the stupidity of the majority of people using the technology that pisses me off.

We shouldn’t need laws outlawing texting while driving.  It SHOULD be common sense that driving with your nose buried in your portable tech device is dangerous, as much as playing a portable video game while driving would be dangerous.  It SHOULD be common sense, but it’s not to many people. 

Movie theaters shouldn’t need three or four warnings before a movie starts reminding people to turn off or silence their phones and not be texting during the movie out of courtesy for other people in the theater trying to enjoy the movie.  It SHOULD be common sense, but it’s not to many people.

People riding public buses shouldn’t have to listen to someone else’s baby-mama drama while trying to get to their destination.  It should be common sense that airing your dirty laundry about your personal life in the earshot of a group of strangers or giving out personal information about yourself over the phone in the earshot of a group of strangers is neither courteous nor very smart, but it’s not.

In essence, people haven’t figured out yet that as great as portable technology is, just like everything else, there’s a time and place for it.  I’m starting to hear about employers adopting pretty stringent during-work phone policies with no warnings at all: IMMEDIATE TERMINATION IF YOU’RE CAUGHT USING YOUR PHONE WHILE WORKING!!  That’s a good thing and I hope more private businesses follow suit, not just with their employees, but with their customers as well.  Texting while driving should be treated the same as drunk driving.  Both are irresponsible, are a danger to others on the road (pedestrians and other drivers), have no business driving an automobile, and should be treated accordingly.  (We need much stricter drunk driving laws too, but that’s a whole other subject.)

And why are cell phone ring tones so annoying most of the time?  It’s almost like the people who made them went out of their to make them as loud and grating as possible.  Don’t almost all cell phones come with a silent mode?  How many people actually use it?  I know I probably sound like a crusty, ranting old man who doesn’t like all this new-fangled technology the kids have these days, but that’s not what I’m getting at.  I have a cell phone myself and will maybe be getting a tablet sometime in the next year.  I love technology and innovation and I hope it continues to progress.  However, we live in a culture where common sense is becoming less and less common, and giving a new piece of technology to a bunch of dumb monkeys is starting to make less and less sense to me.  Cynical perhaps, but that’s how I see it.  I know many people paid an arm and a leg for their phone and texting and the internet access that comes with it so they can ‘LOL’ and ‘OMG’ 24/7, but that isn’t an excuse to torture others with it.

So please, keep in mind that the next time you’re loudly having a personal phone conversation in a place with lots of people within earshot, someone being forced to listen to your conversation is rolling their eyes and getting exasperated because you’ve chosen not to exercise basic common sense and common courtesy.  Or because you arrogantly thought that your life is SO interesting, force-feeding your phone conversations to everyone within earshot any given time you’re on the phone is perfectly OK.  It’s not.

And I have news for you.  Your life isn’t that interesting.  We don’t want to hear about it. Please use your head when using your cell phone.

Thank you.


2 responses to “Cell Phone Culture Is Obnoxious

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