Anthony Weiner admits he’s continued sexting women since resigning from Congress…..

…..since resigning from Congress for doing this exact same thing, lying about it when he accidentally posted a picture of himself showing off his manhood on Twitter, and then finally admitting to it when there was basically no other choice.  I’m not trying to be judgmental here, but I don’t understand why people get married if they want to do this stuff.  He’s literally ruining his career and his marriage doing this.  As a politician, I have no love for Anthony Weiner.  He’s a cocky, elitist liberal of the worst kind.  But as a guy, I just want to sit him down and say to him man-to-man ‘What are you doing?  This will ruin your political career if you keep doing this.  You have to stop.’

New York mayoral candidate and sexter Anthony Weiner admitted Thursday to having lewd online conversations with as many as three women since leaving Congress in 2011, as a new poll showed a sharp drop in his political support.

The married Democrat told reporters he thinks he’s had the racy online chats with a total of six to 10 women — with no more than three of them happening after he resigned from the House over similar conduct.

But that’s three more than voters knew about a few days ago. Weiner on Tuesday fessed up to one online relationship that he pursued after leaving Congress. With the ex-congressman now acknowledging more, it’s unclear how heavily it will impact his campaign.

Weiner told reporters Tuesday he would not quit the mayor’s race despite growing calls from supporters to do so.

Weiner has shrugged off calls to withdraw from the race from multiple media outlets and congressional colleagues.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called Weiner’s conduct “reprehensible,” “stunning” and “clueless.”

Pelosi also suggested he may need therapy.

Weiner did say Thursday that he’s still “working with people” to get help dealing with his penchant for X-rated online flirting. But he disputes any suggestion that it’s an addiction.

It got steamier Thursday, when the gossip site The Dirty posted what it says is a lewd photo of Weiner that he sent to a woman last year.

But he was quickly losing Democratic officials’ support.

And Nancy Pelosi calling anyone clueless and needing therapy is its own brand of irony in and of itself.


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