Woman cheats on her husband & gets pregnant; court rules husband must pay child support for child that isn’t his.

So this women cheats on her husband, lies to the guy she’s cheating with, telling him she’s no longer married, gets pregnant by the guy she is cheating with, and then after the divorce from her husband, she gives birth and the husband was almost required to pay child support for a child that isn’t his.  Makes perfect sense.  What a wonderful family court system we have!

The divorce and child support laws in this country are a joke.  And people wonder why men in the U.S. are getting married later and later, if at all.  It’s way past time for mandatory DNA testing for all live births in this country.  The women’s rights groups and feminists will go ballistic, but too bad.  This goes on way more often than people are aware of and it’s almost always the man who gets the shaft.  Being required to pay child support for a child you did not father because your wife cheated on you is raw exploitation, plain and simple.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – When a divorced dad was ordered to pay support for a child who isn’t his, he turned to Target 8 for help.

It’s legal for the state to order Joseph Chmelar to pay for another man’s child and to deny biological fathers who want to pay from doing so. One lawmaker called that “outrageous.”

Joseph Chmelar is a divorced dad of two. Not even nine months after the split, Chmelar got some shocking news from his boys.

“They got in the car and they were bouncing up and down and telling me that mom has a new baby and I said, ‘Is she baby-sitting?'” Chmelar recalled. “Is she looking after someone?”

Chmelar couldn’t believe it, but his ex-wife had given birth. She had gotten pregnant during their separation by another man. At the time, she was still legally married to Chmelar.

Court papers clearly acknowledge the baby is not Chmelars. They show the child belongs to another man and say that man had “established a personal, financial or custodial relationship with the child.” The court ordered medical expenses be split between the biological parents.

But the Friday before Father’s Day, Chmelar got a letter in the mail from Friend of the Court. The letter said he owed $8,500 in back child support plus medical expenses for a baby his ex-wife had with another man.

“I thought, ‘My God, this is hilarious.’ It’s Father’s Day weekend and here’s the biggest joke that I think I’ve ever had played on me transpiring right now,” said Chmelar.

Target 8 asked Ottawa County Friend of the Court Office how it could be legal to require Chmelar to pay child support for a child everyone agrees isn’t his.



One response to “Woman cheats on her husband & gets pregnant; court rules husband must pay child support for child that isn’t his.

  1. Truth is, women who cheat often leave their husbands in debt. You often hear about a woman cheating on her husband and thus her husband losing his money, either because she got pregnant by her manstress and/or her manstress stole his money. Same with the woman.

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