Nashville, Tennessee man has fathered 22 children with 14 different women.

I like how the guy says at the end of this article that he’s decided not have any more children.  Well, that’s comforting!  If he’d knocked up a few more women, I’d say that might be over the line!  Twenty-two kids from 14 different women is just right.  Phew!

No way is this guy done impregnating women.

Someone needs to get this guy in a junior-high school sex-ed class immediately and introduce this guy to the wonders of birth control.

Keep breeding and having illegitimate children, Orlando Shaw!  Don’t let generations of African-American poverty and fatherlessness end with you!  You have a legacy to uphold!

Moron.  I hope he does get a reality TV show so people can see up close how prevalent this is with blacks in the U.S.

A Nashville, TN man, Orlando Shaw, may be getting his own reality series after being featured on the local news for having fathered 22 children by 14 different women. reports, “I’ve had a lot of people from Hollywood calling me,” said Shaw. He has already signed a production deal with a Los Angeles agency. Given that the state of Tennessee pays more than $7,000 per month to support Shaw’s children, the show may generate some much-needed income for the 33-year-old dad. NewsChannel5 first interviewed Shaw last month after a child support hearing. When asked why he had so many children, he said “I was just young and ambitious and I love women. Hey, you can’t knock no man for loving a woman.”

The story instantly went viral after it was posted by the station. There have also been numerous memes and even an auto-tune parody of the story.

One thing that Shaw wants to make abundantly clear is the fact that he is not a deadbeat dad and that all of his children and their mothers know where to find him and if they can’t contact him he’ll find them. His 16 year old daughter is currently pregnant and Shaw had this to say about the current predicament, “I have babies for her. If she wanted a baby, daddy has plenty for us.”

News channel 5 also reported the comments of Juvenile Court Magistrate Scott Rosenberg, who wasn’t the least bit surprised at the sensational response from people, “Some of these things were so shocking that people had never heard before and didn’t realize these situations exist,” said Rosenberg.

Many people have wondered why Rosenberg couldn’t just order Shaw to have a vasectomy. “People have the right to have children and there’s no constitutional limit on the right to procreate,” said Rosenberg.”

Channel 5 also reported Shaw’s feelings on a vasectomy, “Shaw could do it himself, but he said that was something he would resist. “Have you seen the movie War Horse? I’m a war horse and I don’t want to be cut down there and it won’t work the right way no more,” said Shaw.”

Shaw has vowed that he will not have any more children.


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