Liberals spew hate all over Twitter after Pres. George W. Bush has successful heart surgery.

Don’t you just love liberals?  So tolerant.  So accepting.  So socially just and fair.  So politically-correct.  Wishing the best for all no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation.  Me too.

Future @TwitchyTeam article: “People root for the death of George W. Bush; Unhappy he’ll recover”

God damn it! What surgeon placed the stent on G.W. Bush? Can’t he just die already?!

Die bitch !! RT “@RT_America: George W. Bush hospitalized for heart operation 

A world would be a better place if he die RT @washingtonpost: George W. Bush undergoes surgery for blocked artery

George W. Bush had heart surgery today. Tragically, he survived.

@Quickieleaks: George W Bush recovering from heart surgery… Why good ppl die so early and bad ones get good medical care

He must die RT @STForeignDesk: George W. Bush undergoes surgery to open blocked heart artery 

George W. Bush undergoes surgery for blocked artery. He will die because of prays of Iraqi people…

George Bush abt to kick the can? Fuck him. Peace out nigga

If anything like this were to be said about President Obama, the people responsible would immediately be branded as racists by these same liberals.  I’m reminded of a quote by a brilliant blogger:

If you are a conservative, successful, wealthy American who is proud of his/her country, liberals NEED to make you ashamed and guilty.  Why?  Because they hate you, many of them hate themselves, the feminists within liberalism hate men and young boys, many of them hate Christianity, and they hate their country.  It’s the only real power they have.  BE ASHAMED!


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