Spike Lee and his son don the cover of Ebony magazine claiming ‘We Are Trayvon’. My message to Spike Lee.

Another example of race-baiting, liberal stupidity from a black, liberal Hollywood film director.

No, Spike Lee, you all aren’t Trayvon Martin.  In fact, none of you are.  Trayvon Martin was a specific person, an individual, who was completely unique, someone that cannot and will not ever be repeated or replicated.  You and the rest of black America are no more Trayvon Martin because you share the same skin color and ethnicity than I do to George W. Bush or Sarah Palin because we’re white.  Your problem, and the rest of black liberal America’s problem, is that you see everything through the lens of race.  You don’t see individuals, you see ethnic groups and skin color.  And then you have the gall to call us racists.  Black leaders and prominent black celebrities such as yourself refuse to talk or do anything substantial about the real problems affecting black America, and then you expect us to take you seriously when you take a tragedy like the death of Trayvon Martin and turn it into a race-baiting issue, even after the prosecution of the state of Florida said that the shooting and death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman had nothing to do with race or racism.

I don’t feel sorry for black America anymore.  The facts and the statistics and the truth have become too stark, too obvious, that what is happening to blacks in the U.S. is largely their own doing, not the doing of white America.    But continue to blame white folk and Hispanic folk and Jewish folk for all of your problems like it’s 1955 or 1855.  Meanwhile, your black-on-black murder rate and out-of-wedlock birth rate will continue to be astronomical and your neighborhoods will continue to be ghettos as you continue to vote in Democrat leadership year after year who do nothing but keep your people poor, ignorant, dependent on government, and who continue to feed them black-slave victimization ideology that has plagued your people for close to 50 years now.  More and more of white America is sick and tired of listening to it and we’re not taking you seriously anymore.

Click here to read about how Spike Lee got an innocent family run out of their home after he posted what he thought was George Zimmerman’s address on his Twitter account.  Classy.



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