Four-hundred U.S. surface-to-air missles taken from Benghazi, Libya during the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Can you imagine what would have happened if all the stuff we know about Benghazi now, had come out in the immediate weeks after the attack last fall?  You know, when Pres. Obama was fighting for his presidency against Mitt Romney, who had Pres. Obama against the ropes and pummeled him in those first two debates?  Can you imagine what that third debate on foreign policy would have been like if we (and Governor Romney) had all the facts about the Benghazi attack then, instead of being fed the lies that we were fed about YouTube videos and protests outside the embassy by the White House.  The White House and the media were practically screaming at Governor Romney to not even talk about Benghazi, accusing him of politicizing the deaths of four Americans.

Well, now we know why.

It wasn’t just that a terrorist attack by al-Qaeda on American soil overseas that resulted in the death of four Americans, including our Libyan ambassador, would have looked really bad for a presidential campaign that was campaigning on al-Qaeda being on its heels.


Just when I think the incompetence and rampant dishonesty of this White House can’t get any worse, they manage to 1-up themselves.

Nice going, America.  You re-elected him.

Hope and change.

Four hundred American surface-to-air missiles were ‘taken from Libya’ during the terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, a former U.S. Attorney who represents whistleblowers claimed on Monday.

He added that the U.S. intelligence community is terrified they might be used to shoot down airliners.

Joe diGenova, whose wife Victoria Toensing – a former deputy assistant attorney general – also represents Benghazi witnesses and others with knowledge of the terror attack, told WMAL radio that the loss of those missiles is also one the reason the U.S. State Department shut down 19 embassies across the Middle East last week.

‘A lot of people have come forward to share information with us,’ he said during the radio station’s ‘Mornings On The Mall’ program Monday morning.

‘We have learned that one of the reasons the administration is so deeply concerned’ is that ‘there were 400 surface-to-air missiles stolen, and that they are … in the hands of many people, and that the biggest fear in the U.S. intelligence community is that one of these missiles will be used to shoot down an airliner. 400 missiles, surface-to-air missiles, taken from Libya.’

Asked if the missiles are now ‘in the hands of al-Qaeda operatives,’ DiGenova replied, ‘That is what these people are telling us.’

DiGenova said his sources are ‘former intelligence officials who stay in constant contact with people in the Special Ops and intelligence community.’

‘And it’s pretty clear that the biggest concern right now are 400 missiles which have been diverted in Libya and have gotten in the hands of some very ugly people.’


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