Miley Cyrus embarrasses herself in front of the world at the MTV Video Music Awards.

OK, I wasn’t going to blog about this either, since stuff like this seems pretty commonplace these days in pop music, but this article by The Onion got me laughing.  I know I’m giving Miley Cyrus the attention she doesn’t deserve over this, but I’m rationalizing this in my head that I’m doing it for this Onion article and not for her.  This really did make me laugh.

Wondering aloud what happened to that nice girl they used to hire to babysit, Americans were shocked to see 20-year-old pop star Miley Cyrus strip to her underwear and gyrate suggestively at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, the annual celebration commemorating the year’s best efforts at distinguishing nearly indiscernible pop music with empty visual spectacle. Surprising all who believed she was probably off at college and maybe studying nursing, and who haven’t looked at the Internet in the past year or so, Cyrus took the stage surrounded by giant teddy bears and wearing a furry, teddy bear-emblazoned one-piece—signifiers of childhood innocence she symbolically stripped away by literally stripping, leaving only the flesh-colored underwear that grown women wear, because they are proud of the naked bodies they intend to use for sex.

Imitating how those grown women behave when they are pursuing said grown-woman sex, Cyrus then began grinding on everything in sight, including Beetlejuice-suit-clad singer Robin Thicke, an adult male to whom Cyrus presented her posterior in a way that could be read as invitation for intercourse. Cyrus also stroked her crotch with a giant foam finger, in a manner that evoked masturbation, and being the No. 1 fan of it. Furthermore, she “twerked”—a dance move that involves jerking the pelvis in a manner she definitely didn’t learn at cotillion—and dangled her tongue from the side of her mouth as a sign of rebellion, as well as possible dehydration from having so much sex.

Cyrus also sang a song about partying and doing whatever she wants, irrespective of approval.

Read the rest here.  It is funny hearing someone not only make fun of an “artist” (I use that term loosely here) who does stuff like this, but also the media with their faux-outrage, like this is some kind of isolated incident.  Lady Gaga has been doing stuff like this for years, as has Britney Spears and the rest of their ilk going back to the early days of Madonna.

The Material Girl should be proud.  She’s inspired a whole new generation of vapid, substance-less, overly-sexualized pop-stars.

P.S.~ Why does MTV even have video music awards anymore, anyway?  They abandoned music videos and music-oriented programming years ago!


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