VIDEO: Video game depicts why you shouldn’t be texting while driving.

Since we’re on the subject of video games, and as a good follow-up to my Cell Phone Culture Is Obnoxious editorial, here is a game depicting what it’s like to be driving and texting at the same time and why you’re dumb if you do it.



3 responses to “VIDEO: Video game depicts why you shouldn’t be texting while driving.

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  2. Even just talking on a cellphone while driving is more serious than people think. I saw a show where a guy was driving a real car (and later a car simulator) around a track with obstacles while talking on a phone and answering a series of questions. His reaction time was the same as a drunk person. Two problems are happening. First, no matter how much some people may believe that they’re gifted “multitaskers” they really aren’t. What actually happens is that we ALL have a “one track mind” and can really only think about or focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking is actually just the act of switching back and forth between tasks rapidly. In doing so our performance at both tasks suffers, though some people are slightly faster at switching and picking up where they left off (hence their incorrect belief that they’re doing multiple things at once). Second, the way our brains are wired up, we are very visually centered and it’s our most important sense. Because we can’t see the person we’re talking to on a phone we often produce a mental image of them. If they’re describing a place they’re at or want to meet us at or something they’re eating or if they start talking about another person then we may produce mental images of all these things. Our eyes may be on the road but our mind will be somewhere else. At that point we’re only really seeing the major things around us like other cars but missing all the details like a stop sign or a person stepping out into the road or a car in another lane trying to merge.

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