It’s official: Nature is now racist.

This comes from two different articles.  The original story comes from a New York Times article that flat-out says that minorities in America don’t go to national parks because there are too many white people there.

Thrusting out into the Pacific Ocean, Olympic National Park can feel like a lost world, with its ferny rain forests, violent surf and cloud-shrouded peaks.

But to the four women who hiked down to the sand one recent afternoon, there was an added element of strangeness: race.

“We’ve been here for two days, walking around, and I can’t think of any brown person that I’ve seen,” said Carol Cain, 42, a New Jersey resident of Dominican and Puerto Rican roots, who was zipped up tight in her hooded, dripping rain jacket.

But the reality that going to a park, at least for now, means encountering mostly white people is its own potential barrier. Research by the Park Service says some members of minority groups have said they fear they would feel unwelcome.

The second article is from that basically calls out the ridiculous article for what it is.

“We’ve been here for two days, walking around, and I can’t think of any brown person that I’ve seen”

This was Carol Cain from New Jersey whose heritage is Dominican and Puerto Rican. Apparently the main reason she went to Olympic National Park was to make sure a fair representation of minorities were seen in the park, as if the park was some broadcast television series with a responsibility to ensure a fair number of minorities are represented in their lame sitcoms and melodramas. The Times then goes on to inform the reader that the National Park Service “knows all too well” that their National Parks are lacking a fair representation of minorities and have been doing some “soul searching” in a “head-scratching journey”.

You can’t make this stuff up.  This is how completely out of it the left has become in this country.  Nature is now racist.  I guess that includes the trees and the animals.

Racist!!! You can almost see the hate in his eyes!

Total racist! You can’t see it because it’s off-camera, but this owl is glaring at one of those “darkies” that come into the national parks sometimes. He’s none too happy!



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