Authorities discover torture chamber for children while arresting man for child pornography.

Complete with a metal cage, a small coffin, and handcuffs.  They caught this guy before he had a chance to actually act any of this out, thank God.  This guy could have been the next Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy.  I don’t believe Bundy was even this sick, though.

Geoffrey Portway

A Boston-area man planned to kidnap children, lock them in a basement dungeon, rape them, and then eventually eat them, federal authorities said this week.

The disturbing allegations were made against 40-year-old Geoffrey Portway, who pled guilty in May to distribution and possession of child pornography. Prosecutors say he will at least serve 27 years in prison, according to CNN.

According to police, Portway went by the name “Fat Longpig” online, where he exchanged thousands of images and videos of child pornography with others. Some of these allegedly included images of children being cooked and prepared to be eaten.

When authorities searched Portway’s home, they reportedly found a locked basement with a staircase leading to a soundproof room.

There they would also find a metal cage, a rusted steel table, along with various metal bondage equipment.

A coffin made of plywood was reportedly found nearby.

Transcripts obtained by The Huffington Post include “extremely graphic descriptions of his plans to rape, kill and each children,” as well as a description of his dungeon.

“Really want to eat a nice young boy. Setting [up] my basement,” Portway said in one 2010 chat. He goes on to describe his “setup” as a “locked basement, has a cage, has a table to tie people to, working on sound proofing now.”


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