VIDEO: Mom and young girl ridicule young boy about not wanting to get married.

Why a mother would record something like this and then post it to YouTube is pretty mystifying and says a lot about the mom.  This isn’t cute, this is a young boy visibly very upset at the idea of getting married, or at least of marrying this young girl who seems to have her mind made up that she’s going to marry him someday.  Instead of calming and comforting the boy, who is almost in a flat-out rage, the mother just keeps recording, laughs, and does nothing to stop the young girl from taunting the boy and even participates in it herself.  In my opinion, this could qualify as child abuse.

  1. The boy’s mother instigated this child abuse.

  2. The boy’s mother thought it was so funny, she made a video and kept recording even when it was clear that her son was being tortured.

  3. The mother told the boy to stop screaming, but never told the girl to stop repeating what he was saying over and over.

  4. The “marriage conversation” is always pretty much exactly this way from this age up to adulthood. Boys, have you had this conversation?


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