VIDEO: Students of USC brilliantly articulate why Pres. Obama deserves his Nobel Peace Prize.

It should become pretty apparent around the 30-second mark of the video that my post title was written very sarcastically.

Around the :55-second mark, you hear a girl talking about how she’s an “Obama fan”.  Like he’s a pop-star or a contestant on American Idol or something.  I don’t know if I can overstate enough how dangerous of an attitude it is to be a fan of any politician.  These people in Washington were elected by us and work for us.  So why would you be their fan?  It’s like an employer being a fan of one of their employees.  Makes no sense.

But this is what Pres. Obama thrives on, which is his pop-star-American-Idol-I’m-the-first-black-President status.  The left in this country and the media largely idolize him.  And if you criticize him too much, his supporters are going to start throwing the ‘Racist!’ word your way more and more.  Why?  Because his skin color is why many of them voted for him.  Therefore, by their thinking, if you disagree and criticize Obama, it must be for the same reason: his skin color.  His policies and his actual record are irrelevant and they’ll make up excuse after excuse for him as he continues to weaken the U.S.

If you don’t believe me, ask yourself where the Hollywood elite has been (the same people that castigated George W. Bush over Iraq) in speaking out over the Syria crisis when Pres. Obama was threatening to bomb Syria.  They were silent.  Substitute out Pres. Obama and put Mitt Romney in the place of Obama, threatening to do the exact same thing Obama is with Syria.  How silent and forgiving do you think the Hollywood elite would have been for President Romney talking about bombing Syria and aiding al-Qaeda over a civil war that has nothing to do with us?


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