The federal government has shut down? Yes, but not really.

Other than killing Osama bin Laden, this is probably the best thing that has happened in Washington D.C. since Barack Obama became President.

For the first time in 17 years, back when Bill Clinton was President and Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, the federal government has shut down.  Well, kind of.  It’s only the non-essential stuff that is closed.  Finally.  Is there a way we can keep it shut down till the 2016 election?  Just move the Obama family back to Hawaii and let most of the members of Congress go back to their states?

Team Obama, not one to ever let a political crisis go to waste that can damage their political opponents, is reportedly using this as a launching pad for the 2014 mid-term election, where lies their last chance to take back the House and prevent Obama from becoming a lame-duck President for the remainder of his term (instead of, you know, actually displaying some leadership and doing what the American people put Obama in office for and solving the problem….but who’s counting?).  They have not had a victory all this year, having been plagued by scandals and their own incompetence, lack of strong leadership, and inability to work with anyone in Congress with an ‘R’ after their name.  Pres. Obama embarrassed himself in front of the world trying to handle Assad and Syria and now they’re looking to bounce back, using the GOP’s insistence on defunding ObamaCare as their launching pad.  The mainstream media, with the exception of Fox News and a few others, will demonize the GOP and blame them for the shutdown.

Personally, I think this is the best thing Congress has done in years.  Somehow, I don’t think I’m the only one.  If I was a Republican in Congress, I’d take the blame for the shutdown and wear it like a badge of honor.



2 responses to “The federal government has shut down? Yes, but not really.

  1. Since it costs us all even MORE money to do this, negatively impacts the economy the longer it lasts, and hurts people who had no hand in causing it to happen, the shutdown is neither moral nor practical. Everyone whose families and businesses are impacted will be more likely to place primary blame on the GOP for causing any harm than the other players. It’s also poor gamesmanship, since the Health Care exchanges opened for registration today without interruption, and most of the media (as you said) have Obama’s back on this. Big risk for small gain.

    • Thanks for reading and posting Mikey.

      But I disagree. The vast majority of the American people will not be affected by the shutdown at all. Congress is broken and we have a President who refuses to lead on anything other than campaigning and raising money for his party for the next election. It’s pretty much the only thing he actually knows how to do. As for morality, the Obama White House has very little room to be lecturing anyone on morality, given the plethora of scandals that have taken place under its watch. ObamaCare is becoming more and more unpopular and I believe will eventually be either repealed, defunded, or dissected into irrelevance.

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