Actor Anthony Hopkins writes to Bryan Cranston to tell him that his acting in Breaking Bad is the best he’s ever seen.

Anthony Hopkins letter to Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad.

I have seen Breaking Bad for about less then 30 minutes.  What I saw was good, even very good.  I know the very basics of the story, but that’s it.  I have heard nothing but glowing things about the show.  That can be said about a lot of shows, but what gets my attention about Breaking Bad is that its creator is Vince Gilligan, who used to work on the X-Files, which may be my favorite show of all time.  Because of that, it is no surprise to me that Breaking Bad turned out the way it did.  X-Files creator Chris Carter’s group of writers he had working on the mythology of the X-Files and the stand-alone episodes, Vince Gilligan being among them, were amazing.  Apparently, after binging on Breaking Bad, Anthony Hopkins is now a Bryan Cranston fan.


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