The Democrat Party, ObamaCare, & 2014.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” ~Ronald Reagan

The Titanic is sinking.  The iceberg that Republicans and conservatives have been warning about for months and years since ObamaCare was passed has been struck thanks to a reckless and arrogant Democrat Party that refuses to listen to reason and common sense and is only interested in advancing their own agenda, at the expense of the country.

I’m only going to make one prediction for the new year of 2014:  it’s going to be a nightmare for Democrats nationwide.  As bad as 1980, when Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter and the Democrats didn’t see the inside of the White House again for 12 years.  Possibly even worse.

Having someone tell you the stove is hot and not to touch it is one thing.  Actually touching the stove and experiencing it yourself is something else.  ObamaCare’s spectacular failure is a reminder to a new generation why the founding fathers were so adamant about small, constitutional government.  We’re once again reminded of the wisdom the founding fathers had in constructing our Constitution, why government is a necessary evil, and why Marxist progressive-liberalism will always fall on its face if given enough time and space to do so.

Socialized health care is what liberals have been praying, hoping, and dreaming about for decades and ObamaCare is very likely going to collapse under its own bloated weight. 2014 is going to be a painful lesson to a lot of people as to why big government doesn’t work.  When it’s over, there’s likely going to be a big mess to clean up.  The Titanic is going to sink and it’s going to take many people that didn’t want to see the iceberg (or just shut their eyes to it) with it.

Barack Obama’s reelection may have been a blessing in disguise because, for as much havoc as ObamaCare is wreaking on people’s health insurance premiums and on people’s lives (and will continue to do so), at the end of the day we did elect and then reelect him.  We are reaping what we sowed in 2008 and 2012.  And as painful as it may be, when it’s all over, there is a strong chance the American people might be open to REAL CHANGE.  A new revolution for a new generation that will be open to rediscovering the Constitution and the rest of our founding documents and the principles they in turn were founded on.

We can get rid of the Fed, we can get rid of the IRS, we can get rid of the EPA, we can get rid of the Department of Education, we can get rid of the Department of Energy.  We can shrink government to a size it hasn’t been in a century, lower taxes, lower spending, pay our debt down, unleash small businesses, manufacturing, and the free market again.  We can stop the slow, progressive creep of liberalism that has corrupted Washington D.C. and the White House over the last century.  That is all very possible and doable.  But we the people have to put the right people in place to make that happen.  And it can all start in 2014 by kicking every Congressperson up for reelection that voted and supported for ObamaCare out.  Make them answer to the people.

It’s going to be a very interesting year to watch.  Happy New Year!



Watch what happens when liberal enviromentalism is put in the context of history.

One consistency I’ve noticed is how liberal ideology and propaganda implodes on itself almost every time when put in the context of history.  Take just about any progressive/liberal/socialist tenet you can think of.  When put in the hands of someone who really knows their history, it almost always melts like butter on a warm stove.

Today’s example.  Liberal enviromentalism:

The 1883 eruption of the Krakatoa volcano, in present-day Indonesia, had the force of 200 megatons of TNT. That’s the equivalent of 13,300 15-kiloton atomic bombs, the kind that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945. Preceding that eruption was the 1815 Tambora eruption, also in present-day Indonesia, which holds the record as the largest known volcanic eruption. It spewed so much debris into the atmosphere, blocking sunlight, that 1816 became known as the “Year Without a Summer” or “Summer That Never Was.” It led to crop failures and livestock death in much of the Northern Hemisphere and caused the worst famine of the 19th century. The A.D. 535 Krakatoa eruption had such force that it blotted out much of the light and heat of the sun for 18 months and is said to have led to the Dark Ages. Geophysicists estimate that just three volcanic eruptions, Indonesia (1883), Alaska (1912) and Iceland (1947), spewed more carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere than all of mankind’s activities in our entire history.

Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll jumps on the feminist man-bashing train on Glenn Beck’s show: “Men are a joke and part of the problem.”

Given how culturally xenophobic the Evangelical Church in general is, it’s always frustrating to me (and at the same time sad) to see Evangelical Christian leaders make clumsy attempts at being culturally relevant.

(The relevant comments by Mark Driscoll are at the beginning of the video.  You don’t have to watch all 10 1/2 minutes, even though all of it is interesting.)

Another case of cluelessness of an Evangelical Christian leader.  So good dads don’t have sons who ever look at porn, play video games, or take the bus to work apparently.  Can you imagine in a million years any Evangelical Christian leader saying anything equivalent to this about women?

No, Mark Driscoll, clueless Christian leaders like yourself are the problem, not guys looking at porn or playing video games on their phone or taking the bus to work.  You’re like a boxer trying to fight with a blindfold on.  You don’t even know who the enemy is or where he is, but you keep flailing away hoping to hit something or someone.  Your church is 13,000 strong.  That’s great.  Meanwhile, Seattle is more liberal than ever.  Washington State hasn’t had a conservative governor since the 80s and gay marriage is now legal.  I’m sure the offering plate is full on Sundays though.  Thirteen-thousand is a lot of people.   It sounds like being in the “business of offending people” as you put it, is pretty lucrative.  Ask Howard Stern and Tom Leykis.

And you comparing yourself to a punk rocker is laughable.  You tell it like it is.  That’s commendable.  Yes, being controversial will indeed get you attention.  So will twerking and dancing half naked and embarrassing yourself in front of millions of people.  So what?  Can you even name a punk rock band without using Google?

Pro tip:  Mr. Driscoll, if you and the rest of the Evangelical Right want to start making progress in the gay marriage arena, start addressing the real heart of the problem, which are the problems in heterosexual marriage that are rampant inside and outside the church.  Start addressing the fact that marriage in the U.S. has become a government institution instead of a religious one.  Start addressing how men are regularly taken to the cleaners financially in divorce.  Address the problems that come with the fact that the laws in the U.S. are structured in such a way that it encourages women to cheat (which women are doing now more than ever) and divorce, especially if her husband makes a lot of money.  Address how the child support and alimony laws in the U.S. have essentially turned marriage into a form of legalized prostitution which is a big reason why men are marrying later in life than ever on average.  If you really want to be different and “controversial”, be the pastor that starts lifting men up in the midst of a feminist culture that has becoming increasingly hostile to men and manliness.  When you do that, men will start taking you seriously outside your Christian subculture.