Retiring Democrat Congressman admits that his party has no idea how to fix ObamaCare.

It’s not going to work because young people are not signing up and have no incentive to sign up.  That’s pretty much it.  If that continues, the whole law will unravel.  Of course, this will be after millions more have lost their health insurance.  The congressman is Jim Moran from Virginia.

“I’m afraid that the millennials, if you will, are less likely to sign up. I think they feel more independent, I think they feel a little more invulnerable than prior generations,” Moran says. “But I don’t think we’re going to get enough young people signing up to make this bill work as it was intended to financially.”

“And, frankly, there’s some legitimacy to their concern because the government spends about $7 for the elderly for every $1 it spends on the young,” Moran says.

“I just don’t know how we’re going to do it frankly,” he says. “If we had a solution I’d be telling the president right now.”

Gee, I wonder if President Obama will be apologizing to the American people tonight in his State Of The Union speech for ramrodding this law down our throats when we didn’t want it, didn’t ask for it, and told us that we could keep our own health insurance if we were happy with it.  I’m so glad we have a political party in Washington that knows what’s best for us better than we do and is there to take care of us.  Democrats are all about standing up for the middle class!  Right?


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