Hillary Clinton, supposed shoe-in for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, has been caught buying Twitter followers.

Twitter page “Faith and Value Voters for Hillary Clinton 2016″ — the verified @Faith4Hillary account — was caught last week after having allegedly purchased 12,000 fake followers, roughly 42 percent of its total following.

The news was reported by Townhall Sunday and has also been verified by a number of websites that can determine the amount of fake, inactive and good followers of any social media user.

Clinton’s faith-based Twitter handle  obtained 42 percent of her followers through “inorganic, fraudulent or dishonest means,” according to Twitter Audit. StatusPeople calculated that a mere 18 percent of followers were healthy, genuine followers.

– See more at: http://rare.us/story/hillary-clinton-caught-buying-twitter-followers/#sthash.3fRaheiW.dpuf


So her Twitter handle is FaithVoters4Hillary?  Yeah, maybe if you’re a Muslim.  Ahh….what difference does it make?


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