How much did the Obamas give to charity in 2013? Let’s take a look.

President Barack Obama has spoken numerous times in the past about the importance of being his “brother’s keeper,” so exactly how much did the commander in chief donate to charity this year?

According to his and the first lady’s tax returns released by the White House, the Obamas gave 12.3 percent of their gross income to 32 different organizations in 2013, totaling $59,251.00.

Of this overall charitable giving, the Obamas donated $1,500 to St. John’s Church, an Episcopalian church close to the White House.

This was the family’s sole donation to a house of worship last year, meaning the Obamas tithed 0.3 percent of their total gross income of $481,098.00 in 2013, as the Daily Caller noted.

So the Obamas only gave .3% of their income to their church?  That’s kind of shocking.  You would think think with all the vacations Michelle and the girls take on a regular basis, they would have more to give to their church, especially with Barack being the devout Christian that we all know he is.

Stop laughing.

Oh that’s right, the Obamas don’t have to pay for those vacations.  The taxpayers do.  Silly me.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney gave $4,020,772 out of the $13,696,951 he made in 2011.  That’s over 29% of his income.  I think it’s reasonable to assume he gave a similar amount in 2013.  And who was portrayed as being the uncompassionate rich guy during the 2012 election again?

Hilarious seeing a group of people who are constantly preaching on the need to be giving and compassionate to the less fortunate, and also demonizing people like Governor Romney because he makes millions, get outdone like this.  Democrats are all about compassion, giving, and charity…..just as long as they don’t have to do too much of the heavy lifting.  They leave that for conservative multi-millionaires like Mitt Romney.  And if they don’t pony-up what liberals think is their “fair share”, they scream bloody murder to the heavens.

Keep that in mind the next time you hear President Obama and his fellow Democrats beating the class warfare drum.  Which they will be the closer we get to the mid-term elections to help distract from the continuing ObamaCare debacle.


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