The NFL in full political-correctness mode over Michael Sam. Issuing fines to players who don’t toe the line.

Here we go.  Because it’s not bad enough that we have to hear non-stop how “courageous” Michael Sam is for announcing that he’s gay and because it isn’t nauseating enough to have to see the same clip repeatedly of Sam kissing his boyfriend after he was drafted by the Rams, now the NFL is issuing fines on anyone in the league with a contrary viewpoint.  Welcome to the NFL.  The National Fascist League.

Fascists pretty much running the NFL at this point.

thought this might be a problem. When the St. Louis Rams made the decision on Saturday to draft Michael Sam in the seventh round of the NFL draft, they acquired much more than an All-American defensive lineman who may or may not be a decent pro prospect. They became hosts to a cultural and political cause, and we’re already seeing how this is going to manifest in the NFL.

Cue the media, which couldn’t tell us enough how wonderful it was that the openly homosexual Sam – upon hearing the news he was drafted – laid a smooch on his boyfriend on live TV. Look, everyone! See two men kissing each other! How wonderful!

And it was only a matter of time until someone who thought it was actually kind of cringe-inducing said so publicly, and that someone turned out to be Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones. He tweeted the following succinct commentary: “omg . . . horrible”

Please note: That is not allowed. 

The rules are simple. People who wish to engage in PHDA (public homosexual displays of affection) will do so as openly as they like. The media will show these PHDAs to us repeatedly and at every opportunity. You are to watch. You have a choice between expressing your glee or saying nothing. However, if you are asked what you think, you must say it is wonderful. This is mandatory.


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