A fifth Indiana Jones movie may be happening.

Six years after his last big-screen appearance, Indiana Jones may ride again. Variety has printed what appears to be confirmation thatIndiana Jones 5 is going into production. Buried in an article about an online filmmaking course is this line about cinematographer Janusz Kaminski: “His next project is the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones movie.” (A frequent Steven Spielberg collaborator, Kaminski was the director of photography on 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.)


Crystal Skull was not a terrible movie, but it was a definite step down from any of the three original Indy flicks.  Way too much ‘Hey Dad, daddio’ and references to Indy being old (yeah we know) and family squabbling.  Having Marion back with Indy, only to find that she was relegated to spatting with Indy about the nature of their relationship since Raiders Of The Lost Ark and……oh driving the jeep through the jungle (that’s pretty much all she did), was a real missed opportunity.  And the end of the movie was something I expected to see out of the X-Files, not an Indiana Jones movie.  The ending lost me completely.  But Ford was awesome in it and it was worth going to see him play Indy again for that reason alone.

So if there is going to be another Indiana Jones movie, it needs to be better.  Much better. Especially if this ends up being the last one.



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