Navajo Nation president sits with Redskins owner to watch the Redskins play the Cardinals.

Dear Bob Costas and Maria Cantwell,

As is evidenced by the story below, no one cares about your pretentious, condescending, left-wing, politically-correct, race-baiting.  Not even Native Americans.

Leave the Redskins alone.

And leave the NFL alone.  Redskins fans are not on your side, NFL fans are not on your side, and most importantly, Native Americans couldn’t care less about your crusade to “save them” from “racially insensitive” football fans.   Your political-correctness is not welcome and hopefully never will be.

Long live the Washington REDSKINS!


(Reuters) – The president of the largest Native American tribe in the United States raised eyebrows on the weekend when he sat with the owner of the Washington Redskins and wore a cap bearing the NFL team’s logo during a game in Arizona.

Team owner Daniel Snyder has come under pressure from Native American activists to change the name, seen by some as a slur, even as others defend it as a harmless part of sports tradition. Snyder has vowed not to change it.

Others in the more than 300,000-strong Navajo Nation say the debate is a distraction, and sports teams at St. Johns High School, in the heart of the reservation, have long been dubbed “the Redskins” by locals.

“We have issues with poverty, alcoholism, unemployment, poverty and abuse,” said Clayton Willie, a college student who lives on the reservation. “Worrying about a sports logo is not important to us.”



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