Scully from the X-Files wants to be a ghostbuster in Ghostbusters 3.

Word on the street is that, after almost 30 years, Ghostbusters 3 is finally going to happen.  But it’s going to be another 80s reboot, this time featuring an all-female cast (brilliant, exactly what Ghostbusters fans have been asking for, who needs the original cast anyway?)

I have almost zero interest that this will be a movie I would want pay money to watch, but being a huge fan of the X-Files, casting Gillian Anderson in the movie might (but probably won’t) tempt me to go see it.

I want to be able to laugh hysterically at this movie for being the awful idea that it is and for not making a legit Ghostbusters 3 back in the 90s when it should have been made.  This could totally throw a kink in my plans.

One recent piece of movie news that has caused a bit of a stir is the long-gestatingGhostbusters 3 being melted down and reformed as a hard reboot of theGhostbusters franchise, which will be directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) and feature an all-new team of female Ghostbusters. Even one of Ghostbusters 3‘s longest-standing skeptics, Bill Murray, has expressed support for Feig’s vision, but a lot of people are reserving judgement until the new Ghostbusters cast is revealed.

If Anderson gets her way, one of the new Ghostbusters will be her. When asked if she’d consider joining the all-female Ghostbusters line-up, Anderson wasted no time in excitedly pleading for a chance to star in the movie.


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