VIDEO: Attractive woman films herself walking around Manhattan for 10 hours to demonstrate “street harassment”.

This woman walks around Manhattan for 10 hours with a camera in tight jeans that look like they might have been spray-painted on, gets lots of attention from guys as she’s walking around, and I’m supposed to feel sorry for her because of all the male attention she gets.

Somehow, we’ve become a culture in which telling a woman she’s beautiful now qualifies as harassment.

This is how the feminist-indoctrinated female mind functions.  Women crave male attention.  When they get said attention, they reject it.  And then wonder why they’re alone and where all the good men are at.  This is absolutely how many women think.  It’s pretty much the definition of insanity.

The woman in this video was not physically assaulted in any way during this video.  Nor were the guys who were trying to talk to her, or who made comments, crude.  Nor did they call her any derogatory names (unless you consider ‘beautiful’ and ‘sweetie’ derogatory). Some of the comments were downright polite.  One guy was practically begging her to talk to him and wanted to give her his number.  She completely ignored him.  Because asking for a girl’s number now qualifies as harassment.

The one exception would be the guy who walked next to her for five minutes as she ignored him. That would be creepy and he probably should have taken the hint.  Other than that, I have absolutely no sympathy for this woman.  There are tons of women out there who I know for a fact would love to have guys approach them and randomly ask for their number and tell them they’re beautiful.  And this woman is whining because she gets too much male attention.

Boo-hoo.  Poor baby.  Women are so victimized.



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