Rioters murder and set on fire 20-year old black man in Ferguson.

Remember this kid the next time you hear protesters talking about how black lives matter.  Because in all likelihood, you won’t hear them talking about this young man who was senselessly killed and set on fire by rioters.  You won’t hear the mainstream media talking about him either.  And he’s just as dead as Michael Brown.

Because in black America, black lives matter ONLY when they’re cut short by someone who isn’t black.

A body of an unidentified black male was found near the area where Michael Brown was fatally shot by Officer Wilson. According to reports, the man was in his 20s, was shot to death and was – shockingly – set on fire.

The unidentified man was found in his car in a driveway near the Canfield Green Apartments, the same apartment complex where Brown died. Reportedly the driver’s side window of the car had been shot out.


Mother has her 9-year old daughter arrested for battery for hitting her little sister.

This is absurd.  So instead of actually doing a little parenting, she calls the cops? I swear some parents are completely worthless and should be sterilized from having any more kids. If you don’t want to parent, why are you bringing new life into the world???

Officers arrested a 9-year-old girl for battery after her mother called police to report her hitting her younger sister.

It happened over the weekend. In a report filed by the arresting officer, the mother “stated that her 9-year-old daughter punched her 6-year-old sister in the head.”

Her mother even filmed the incident on her cell phone, showing it to police on scene.

“The officer made the decision to arrest,” Ofc. Rafael Diaz from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said.

Louisiana town bans all Rottweilers and Pit Bulls.

This is pretty draconian.

A town in Louisiana has recently voted to ban all Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, calling them “vicious breeds” of dogs. Current owners of these specific breeds have just one more month to either move out of town, or hand their family pet over to the government to be killed.