VIDEO: The history behind the Washington Redskins name.

I know this will be completely lost on the politically-correct Speech Police on the left, being allergic to facts and history the way they are, but for those that are interested in this controversy and really want to know the truth behind the Washington Redskins name, you should watch this video.  It’s a little long, but worth it for the info.

Here’s the short version if you don’t have time to watch the video:

  • Not only is the term ‘Redskins’ not a racist term, it was never a racist term.  It was originally a term that honors certain Native American tribes that identified themselves as ‘Redskin warriors’.
  • Many Native Americans today see the Washington Redskins as a positive representation of all 600 Native American tribes in the U.S., not just the actual Redskin tribes.
  • The actual term ‘redskins’ originally had nothing to do with ethnicity, but the dyes the Native American warriors would use on their skin before going into battle.

It would be nice if the left-wing media were aware of this, especially someone like Bob Costas, who fancies himself a sports historian.



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