Billy Corgan compares himself with Kurt Cobain; everyone else a distant third.

Billy compares himself to Kurt Cobain, which is not inappropriate given how successful and prolific The Smashing Pumpkins were in the 90s. Of course, being Billy Corgan, he can’t stop there, calling everyone else “a distant third”. Kind of a slap in the face to Trent Reznor, Eddie Vedder, and Thom Yorke I think, but that’s Corgan for you.

“Now, he and I didn’t necessarily get along. But I like to sing his praises, because he really was that talented. I like to think the world with him would have been a better place, and I like to think a lot of the crap music that followed wouldn’t have existed if he had been around to criticise it. Because he had the moral standing to slay generations with a strike of the pen.” Although they didn’t get on, did Corgan, then, look up to Cobain?

“No. In the purest sense of the word, we were competitors. He and I were the top two scribes, and everybody else was a distant third.”


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