VIDEO: Model walks around NY City half naked with jeans literally painted on her body.

With women’s obsession with “yoga pants” that are almost just as revealing as what this model is doing, this doesn’t surprise me. Or maybe New Yorkers are just oblivious. It’s funny how popular yoga pants have become with women. I always wonder how many of them actually do yoga when I see them walking around in public with them on. And no, that’s not a complaint.


VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul goes on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Not too many Republicans come on Maher’s show for obvious reasons.  I didn’t know Maher considers himself an Independent, which is amusing.  Anyway, having a Libertarian like Rand Paul in the White House is exactly what this country needs right now. End the Fed, end the IRS, and end the War On Drugs.

VIDEO: Dallas Cowboys fan destroys his house after Redskins loss.

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the best records in the NFL right now and the Washington Redskins have one of the worst.  The Redskins played the Cowboys last Monday night and beat them in Dallas. This Cowboys fan didn’t take the loss too well.

Warning: Strong language.  NSFW.

I’m starting to think that Cowgirl fans might be worse than 49’whiner fans.