VIDEO: Obama demonstrates that he doesn’t read the Bible.

Watching this is painful.  Obama has taken to quoting the Bible to support his policies. Except that he doesn’t read the Bible, as evidenced by this video. So maybe it would be a good idea to not throw around Bible platitudes that make that really obvious, Mr. President. Stick to Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. It’s clear that’s more your comfort zone.

In case anyone is wondering, there is no verse in the Bible about throwing stones in glass houses.


Lesbian mayor Annise Parker demands pastors in Houston turn over sermons & speeches related to homosexuality.

Yeah, this isn’t going to be received very well, especially in a state like Texas.

You’d be hard pressed to find a lawyer willing to defend the overly broad subpoenas that were issued by the City of Houston to a group of pastors in connection with a lawsuit that I discussed here. To recap this sorry tale: a number of pastors helped organize a petition drive calling for a referendum to remove a new Houston law from the books that the pastors believe would allow men into women’s bathrooms, and vice versa.

The City refused to accept many of the signatures, and petition supporters filed a lawsuit seeking to have the issue placed on the ballot. But rather than investigate the validity of the signatures, the City of Houston responded by asking the pastors, who were not a part of the lawsuit, to turn over, among other things: “[a]ll speeches, presentations, or sermons related to [the bathroom ordinance], the Petition, Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality, or gender identity.”

Mother & daughter come out of the closet as lesbian lovers.

Let’s hear it for liberal values!

This is strange and definitely awkward. This mother and daughter, Mary and Vertasha Carter are also lesbian lovers. “Vertasha and I knew we were attracted to each other when she was sixteen,” Mary Carter told

“But we decided to wait to have sex until she was eighteen, legally of age. We are now going public with our relationship to help others who might be in gay mother/daughter relationship feel confident and okay about coming out. We want the world to know we love each other as mother and daughter and romantically.”

“We’re women, so Vertasha and I obviously can’t make children,“It’d be one thing if her daddy (he’s out of the picture) got her pregnant and a baby was born with deformities, but we’re not hurting anyone. We’re a new minority and just want acceptance.”

Local Illinois anchor announces on live TV that he has only months to live.

A television news anchorman fighting brain cancer in Illinois told viewers he has only four to six months to live, but he hopes to work as long as he can.

During a newscast on Thursday, Dave Benton told viewers of WCIA-TV in Champaign that doctors recently told him that his brain tumor is too large for surgery or radiation.

The 51-year-old says he’ll try a new treatment to slow the tumor’s growth, but that his goal is to add ‘a few more days and make them the best they can be.’

Benton is a born-again Christian and said on-air that he believes he’s in God’s hands and knows that he will take care of the days ahead.

He thanked his viewers for their support in the emotional broadcast and says he wants to make the most of his final days.