Nintendo’s profits soar. Is there a Nintendo renaissance on the horizon?

Next year is gearing up to be a banner year in gaming.  Ten years from now, we may be talking about 2015 in gaming the same way we look back nostalgically at 1998 and 2007.  There are a LOT of good games coming out next year, and if you’re a Nintendo fan and Wii U owner, Aonuma’s assurances that Zelda for Wii U will release next year is fantastic news.  Nintendo’s profits are soaring now thanks to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and the Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire remakes for 3DS.  Things are definitely looking up.  Nintendo has focused on its core audience with its game releases and it’s starting pay dividends.


A major worldwide chocolate shortage is taking place. Seriously.

A world without chocolate is not a world I would want to live in.

There’s no easy way to say this: You’re eating too much chocolate, all of you. And it’s getting so out of hand that the world could be headed towards a potentially disastrous (if you love chocolate) scenario if it doesn’t stop.

Those are, roughly speaking, the words of two huge chocolate makers, Mars, Inc. and Barry Callebaut. And there’s some data to back them up.

Samsung claiming to introduce ultra-fast Wi-Fi tech next year that is 5x faster than existing systems.

Another reason why Samsung and Google are my two favorite tech companies.

It’s rare that your WiFi’s actual speed lives up to the number on your router’s box – but that could be about to change if Samsung has its way.

The South Korean company has developed a 60 GHz WiFi technology that it claims can send data five times faster than other electronics devices.

This will allow data transmission speeds of up to 575 megabytes (MB) per second – enough to transfer a 1GB movie between devices in less than three seconds.

It also means that an uncompressed high-definition videos can be streamed from mobile devices to a television in real-time.