VIDEO: Obama demonstrates that he doesn’t read the Bible.

Watching this is painful.  Obama has taken to quoting the Bible to support his policies. Except that he doesn’t read the Bible, as evidenced by this video. So maybe it would be a good idea to not throw around Bible platitudes that make that really obvious, Mr. President. Stick to Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. It’s clear that’s more your comfort zone.

In case anyone is wondering, there is no verse in the Bible about throwing stones in glass houses.


Mainstream media not reporting on Obama’s very low poll numbers.

At this point, talking about how the mainstream media worships everything Obama says and does and doesn’t objectively report what’s really going on in Washington D.C. seems like beating a dead horse, but the facts are the facts and need to be put out there.  Journalism is dead.  Very sad.

It’s no secret that television news has long been addicted to public opinion polls; decades ago, all three broadcast networks decided to partner with an influential newspaper (ABC News with the Washington Post; CBS News with the New York Times; and NBC News with the Wall Street Journal) to sponsor their own regular surveys for use in their political coverage.

That’s why it’s so extraordinary that polling news has practically vanished from the Big Three evening newscasts in 2014 as President Obama’s approval ratings have tumbled and the public opposes defining administration policies like ObamaCare. Just last Thursday, for example, Gallup found Obama’s approval rating at a record low of 38 percent, yet none of the three broadcast networks bothered to mention this on their evening or morning newscasts.

Vladimir Putin to America: Thanks for being so cool about everything.

As you know, the last few weeks have been kind of crazy around here. Last month, protests in Ukraine ousted the country’s Kremlin-allied president and ignited a wave of Ukrainian nationalism that threatened to destabilize Russia’s economic and military interests in the region. Of course, I couldn’t simply stand by and let that happen, so I intervened and ordered a forceful takeover of the strategically important peninsula of Crimea—a territory with historical ties to Russia that our nation had long desired. It’s certainly no easy task to forcefully annex an entire province against another country’s will, so I just wanted to thank you—the government of the United States, the nations of western Europe, and really the entire world population as a whole—for being super cool about all of this.

There is one thing I want to say though, and I feel a little silly admitting this, but there was actually a moment earlier when I did feel a little dread. For one unnerving second there, I thought you imposed sanctions on Russia’s broad national economy, but then I saw the sanctions were just directed at a few of my advisers and some bank I don’t care about. Boy, talk about a major relief!

Really, this whole thing has gone so smoothly that my only real regret is that I just wish I had known earlier that you guys were this mellow about hostile military takeovers. It makes me wonder what took me so long to get around to this.

OK you got me, Putin didn’t really write this.  This is from The Onion, but it is funny and very truthful.,35584/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:1:Default

Enjoy ObamaCare, America! President Obama’s “if you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it” montage.

This will go down in history as Obama’s “no new taxes”, “I never had sexual relations with that woman”, “WMDs in Iraq” part of his disastrous presidency.  Though the consequences could be much worse for him than they were for Clinton or either of the Bushes since ObamaCare hasn’t even been fully implemented yet.

I wish I could say I felt empathetic towards people about what’s happening, but conservatives in Congress and Mitt Romney TOLD EVERYONE that THIS EXACT THING would happen.  But they went ahead and re-elected Obama anyway.  Well, now sleep in the bed you made.  A people ultimately get the leaders and the politicians they deserve.  And this is what you deserve.  At least for now.

Enjoy ObamaCare, America!