Zelda for Wii U out-Twitters the whole Playstation Experience.

Showcasing the new Zelda at the Game Awards Show is one of the smartest things Nintendo has done with Wii U so far.

The Game Awards show, the one that featured Nintendo rather prominently and ended with some brand new Zelda U footage, was arguably a bigger online success story than the entirety of the PlayStation Experience, which took place on Saturday and Sunday.



Nintendo’s new gameplay video for Zelda on Wii U looks fantastic.

The progress on this game looks incredible.  Link vaulting himself off Epona and taking out enemies with his bow and arrow in slow-mo dropped my jaw.

What is so cool about watching this is that it seems Miyamoto is seeing this stuff for the first time as well.  He’s asking questions as if this is the first time he’s seen the game himself in awhile.

And then Miyamoto adds that the new Starfox for Wii U will be released before Zelda.  Both will be coming out in 2015.

You can tell Nintendo is really bending over backwards to please its core fans.  Them even having this much of a presence at a game awards show, which is not the norm for them, is evidence of that.